About V2COM

With more than 10 years of Internet of Things (IoT) experience and more than one million devices connected world-wide, V2COM provides a platform to turn products into intelligent connected devices. V2COM’s technology accelerates IoT project deployments and their time-to-market. V2COM’s core offerings and products serve as an operating system that removes the complexity of data protocols, sensors interfaces, security, microprocessors architecture, software application language and wireless connectivity to create seamless, device intelligence.



Ratified as Java Community Process Executive Committee 

JCPSince its launch in 1998 as the open, inclusive process to develop and revise Java technology specifications, reference implementations, and technology compatibility kits, the Java Community Process (JCP) program has fostered the evolution of the Java platform in cooperation with the international Java platform developer community. The JCP program now has over 1,000 corporate and individual participants. More than 350 Java technology specifications are in development in the JCP program. For more information on the JCP program, please visit http://jcp.org and blogs.oracle.com/jcp.

The Executive Committee (EC) is the group of Members guiding the evolution of Java technology in the Java Community Process (JCP). The EC represents both major stakeholders and a representative cross-section of the Java Community. The EC is responsible for approving the passage of specifications through key points of the JCP and for reconciling discrepancies between specifications and their associated test suites.



Best Application of WSN/IoT - IDTechEx Energy Harvesting & Storage USA 2013 award 

The best WSN/IoT Application award went to the collaboration of V2COM, Gemalto M2M and Oracle, delivering flexible, smart grid solutions in Latin America, an excellent system-level solution to energy monitoring and management which effectively addresses client retrofit and payback concerns in addition to good system integration. The systems effectiveness was described in real world deployments - for example in Colombia, where the automated network management reduced response times to power outages by 40%.


Java Business Innovation - Oracle Excellence Awards 

The Java Business Innovation award recognizes Java customers and partners who are using the Oracle Java Embedded platform to drive innovation within their business or product development. The award is open to Java customers and partners who have already launched a product based on Oracle Java Embedded or have one in the development phase. The recipient of this high-profile annual award will be selected based on the degree to which Java technology is used in new scenarios or pioneers Oracle Java Embedded usage in new markets or products.


Destaque Inovação - 9ª Edição do Prêmio Fornecedor Elektro - 2013 

Awarded as Distinguished Innovator





Jointly instituted by the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and Infosys Technologies, the Wharton Infosys Business Transformation Award (WIBTA) celebrated excellence and innovation in information technology with industry-wide impact. The Enterprise Business Transformation Award is granted to organizations that made the best use of IT for business transformation in their region. Past winners include: Amazon.com , Royal Bank of Scotland,  YouTube, WikiMedia Foundation.


M2M Value Chain Awards

The Value Chain Awards, organized by M2M Magazine, honor the most successful corporate adopters of M2M technology and the team of solution providers that made their success possible.  Four time winner: in 2006 with Ampla and in 2007 with Codensa, Chilectra and BR Distribuidora 


M2M 100

The M2M 100 is a list of the most important and influential machine-to-machine technology providers as determined by the editors of M2M magazine and its editorial advisory board. It is designed to provide a snapshot of the market as it exists today and the companies with the greatest impact on its direction. V2COM is a 2008, 2009 and 2010 member of M2M 100, as well as 2010 CW100.