WEG becomes majority shareholder of V2COM

Message from Guilherme Spina, CEO of V2COM

In the coming years, we will live in a time for which we have been preparing ourselves practically from birth. In 2020, we will be 18 years old, reaching adulthood with a mixture of feelings typical of that age. We may think a lot of work has already been done, but we are just about to start.

V2COM was born for the purpose of using wireless communication networks to connect remote devices. Our ambition is to connect as many of them as possible. From the very beginning, analysts project everything would be connected in the future. Since then, we’ve worked hard to build that future: 2G, 3G, 4G and now towards 5G, GPRS, EDGE, ZigBee, BlueTooth, Mesh, BLE, WiMAx, WiFi, PLC, LoRa, SigFox.

In the meantime, networks have become cheaper and cheaper, more data has been extracted, systems have become more sophisticated — alphabet soup has never been so complex! Therefore, our solutions must be even simpler. After all, a device will only be connected if the solution costs less than the problem does.

On the other hand comes WEG, founded in Jaraguá do Sul, in 1961, by Messrs Werner, Eggon and Geraldo, tenacious workers who stamped on the company’s DNA important values such as discipline, integrity, organization, the ability to dream big, excellence and care for people. WEG, with its unlikely origin, became a Brazilian giant, operating in more than 130 countries, with more than 30,000 employees and factories from the USA to China. Since the beggining, it has always developed systems: was born with 20th century Electrical Systems (motors and transformers), grew with Automatic Systems towards the new century (drivers, PLC, s, inverters) and now targets Intelligent Systems (IoT and Industry 4.0) to continue growing in a sustainable way.

“Men motivated by an idea are the basis for success,” said Mr. Eggon.

So, what will we work for? Where will we put our efforts? What do we want the 21st century to look like?

A good answer should be: we want a greener, fairer and more intelligent world. The migration of the energy mix to renewable sources, increase of efficiency in production processes (mineral extraction, agriculture and industry), electrification of mobility, reduction of waste, more rational decision-making based on data reducing costs and risks. All these trends become reality with solutions from WEG and V2COM.

V2COM is now part of the WEG Group. We keep stronger and more determined, with the structural and capital support of one of the most successful Brazilian companies of all times, a fact that fills us with pride and increases our responsibility.

Now we have the tremendous challenge of “showing what we came for”, taking advantage of this huge opportunity to spread intelligence! Our access to other verticals and other markets grows steadily. Our limit will be our own ability to organize and co-work (work together) in order to connect the largest number of devices!

Guilherme Spina