V2COM & Oracle show how utilities can enable a smarter grid using Internet of Things

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The complete solution to your smart distribution grid, customized for your needs.

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Be part of a dynamic, aggressive and competitive team!

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About V2COM

With more than 10 years of Internet of Things (IoT) experience and more than one million devices connected world-wide, V2COM provides a platform to turn products into intelligent connected devices. V2COM’s technology accelerates IoT project deployments and their time-to-market. V2COM’s core offerings and products serve as an operating system that removes the complexity of data protocols, sensors interfaces, security, microprocessors architecture, software application language and wireless connectivity to create seamless, device intelligence.

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V2COM offers complete services and solutions that are customized to your business model

The main meters in the market are integrated to our platform, allowing rapid integration and returns.

A whole range of Smart Communication Devices to suit all major M2M applications

A powerful suite of Java-based applications, covering the whole scenario from embedded software up to the datacenter.